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Empowering Authentic Confidence | Leilani Carver-Madalon, Ph.D | TEDxGatewayArchWomen

Empowering Authentic Confidence | Leilani Carver-Madalon, Ph.D | TEDxGatewayArchWomen

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Dr. Leilani Carver is a Leadership Expert and Professor who seeks to empower others through practical communication strategies and tactics. Leilani is the Director of Undergraduate Communication and Graduate Strategic Communication & Leadership programs at Maryville University in St. Louis. She is an Associate (tenured) Professor of Strategic Communication and Leadership.

Her writing and expertise have been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, The Hill, PR News, and other prestigious media outlets. Additionally, she delivered a TEDx Women’s Talk on tactics to increase your confidence and power. Dr. Carver-Madalon volunteers with nonprofits that champion women and girls from St. Louis to Pakistan.


In 2021, Leilani was awarded the Missouri Athletic Club's Woman of Distinction Award and in 2017 was awarded Maryville’s Woman of Distinction Award. In 2018 she was a recipient of the Maryville Faculty Academic Spotlight Award for empowering women at Maryville through her work with the Women’s Leadership Mentorship Committee.


Before earning her Ph.D., Professor Carver worked for eight years in prestigious communication roles in varying industries, such as Banking, Consulting and Mobile Technologies. Additionally, Dr. Carver has lived and worked abroad in both Taiwan and China and has taught university courses in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Switzerland, England, Australia, France and Italy. Leilani has also earned an international certification through the Hofstede Institute in Finland in Organisational Culture.


 Leilani is currently interviewing exceptionally successful women. She is writing a book on practical leadership strategies and tactics with the purpose of helping women (especially those from underserved/minority populations) rise. She is from Hilo, Hawaii (and visits when she can) but now lives in St. Louis with her husband and daughter.


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